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Temiko [NET]

Welcome to Temiko [NET], run by yours truly a.k.a. "Temiko".

Temiko [NET] is simply a collection of stuff that I've done, including some tools and calculators and is targetted at Neopets players. While some of these tools/calculators are specific to the Neopets game, others have broader uses so please read the instructions on each page carefully!

While I will endeavour to update and add new things regularly, I am a full time university student and I also work part time which leaves me very little time to spend on all the things I'd like to so if you've been trying to contact me and I haven't gotten back to you, apologies in advance.

June 13: Have updated the User Lookup CSS Tool to include more fields. You can now customise your User Lookup even more - no coding knowledge required!

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